L'orchestre imaginaire

An elegant musician with odd attitude opens his carpet on the street and he starts to play with a lot of cunning instruments and ingenious inventions. The magic orchestra comes to life.

Eric Tarantola amazes the audience playing his handcrafted extra-ordinary instruments: a casseroles drum set, an old patched trombone, the “Clock Kalimba” and the “Guitanjo” combining a guitar and a banjo. All these instruments are blended by a loop machine and homemade metal boxes filled with electronic devices.

Thanks to this atypical instrumentation and his personal way to compose music, Eric creates a playful universe that is the meeting point between the circus world and the musiques actuelles. The musical performance and the character are so original and sensitive that your ears and your foots will be captivated.

La Rosa de los Vientos

ZagreB is born from the collaboration between Torpeza Ritmika and Eric Tarantola A fearless clown mastering the Cyr wheel accompanied by a one man band of modern times.
Together they are creating a unique world combining theatre, circus along music of the world.
Torpeza Ritmika is this eccentric clown teasing her audience who like to surprise, amuse people. She is an experienced acrobat dancer combining elegance and grace mastering the Cyr wheel over the music waves of the one man band.
Eric Tarantola is not just a musician but an orchestra of his own. From his sophisticated magic music box, Eric will blend different styles and influences transporting the audience into an imaginary world.
"La rosa de los vientos" is an interactive show associating sense of humour and poetry for all audiences.
Eric Tarantola
Multi instrumentalist
Born in 1983, in Orange, South of France, he studies the guitar and the trombone in the modern music training center called "Pro Music" in Thor, then to the national conservatoire of Marseille and Avignon. Besides his musical studies he puts one foot in the world of the theater entered the of theater by working as a stage manager of "Badaboum Théâtre" in Marseille (theater for children).
He plays and record with numerous bands of current music: from Funk, cumbia, hip-hop, reggae, salsa, jazz-fusion, ska-rock, brass band to traditional music of Burkina Faso.
In 2009, he creates his solo project « L’Orchestre imaginaire » combining several instruments and mixing them by means of a pedal tape recorder (loop-station). So he starts playing in the streets and begins an international artistic touring multiplying encounters with artists of different backgrounds and collaborates in different fields like circus (Torpeza Ritmika, Markus Schrag), dance (Cie. À pas de loop, Elena Peinado), cinema (Collectif AIAA), street theater (Tartine compagnie), painting (Guillermo Escalante, Yasmine Chettouh), poetry (Yves Gaudin),…
In 2013, he meets the circus artist Torpeza Ritmika (clown and cyr-wheel) and create together the « Zagreb Company » presenting the show « La Rosa de los Vientos » with which he turns for now on 4 years. In 2016 the Zagreb Company collaborates with the Swiss comedian Markus Schrag and creates together the trio " Mägic Hene and Friends " with whom they participate in several festivals and cabarets in Switzerland.
With his three shows « L’Orchestre Imaginaire », « La Rosa de los Vientos » and « Mägic Hene and friends » Eric played in numerous street festivals in more than 20 countries over the world.
Eric, stills explore new instruments and new sounds, he collaborate with the composer Yves Chomez, so he can produce compositions always more original.

Tour 2018

festival Kleinkunst insel Usedom May
Heringsdorf, GERMANY

Muziek in de straten
26 May

Kunsten op Straat
27 may

Buskers street festival in Vaduz
2.3 june

Buskers Chur
8.9 june

Imaginaria 2018
16 june
San Pellegrino Al Cassero, ITALY

Biomarché Zofingen
22.23.24 june

Blinden- und Behinderten
29 june

Festival Onderstroom
7.8 july
Vlissingen, NEDERLAND

Street music festival Satu Mare
13.14.15 july
Satu Mare, ROMANIA

Theater TOUR "Buvette chez Suzette" SWITZERLAND
21 july - Wagen zum Glück Worblaufen
22 july - Bogen 17 Wohlei Wohlen
24 july - Camping Murten
26 july - Wuplu Gaswerk Bern
27 july - Kugelfest Signau
29 july Chäsi Gysenstein
31 july Zaff Fest Bern
2 august Fuchs und Specht Burgdorf
3.4.5 august - Streetfood Bern
11 august Openair Vinelz

Ostfest alternativ musics
3 august

Streetfood Bern
4 august

Fiesta del asado
11 August
Probstenberg, SWITZERLAND

International street artist festival - Spettacolo
17.18.19 August
10 ans de clinique pour enfants
15 September

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Spettacolo Brunnen SWITZERLAND

Spettacolo Brunnen SWITZERLAND

Street music festival Satu Mare ROMANIA

Street music festival Satu Mare ROMANIA



Onderstroom Festival HOLAND

Onderstroom Festival HOLAND



Pinneberger GERMANY

Pinneberger GERMANY

Pflasterspektakel 30. Linz AUSTRIA

Pflasterspektakel 30. Linz AUSTRIA

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